Surabaya Express

#1 Heavy Equipment Transporter in Eastern Indonesia

Welcome to Surabaya Express !

P.T. Surabaya Express is one of the biggest heavy equipment transporter in Eastern Region of Indonesia and well known as reputable company also in Crane & Forklift Rental Equipment, Custom Clearance and Container Depot.

Our Company is established since 1980 and based in City of Surabaya which regard as Capital City of East Java Province and in end of the year 2005, We already open new branch office in Jakarta which does Crane Rental, Custom Heavy Equipment and Trailer Transporter solely focus on Western Region of Indonesia.

With opening our new branch company, Our main goal could allow Us to bring Our services closer and more effectively to Our customers. Coupling this relentless attitude with Our fleet of 200 healthy trailer unit, 70 strong cranes of Lifting capacities ranging from 25 to 150 tons, Our men and machine combination is ready to work in perfect unison to give You the best solution conceivable anywhere.

Through constant upgrading of Our workforce and Our machines, We never late to maintain our market leader position and continue to bring cost effective, speedy time and practical lifting solutions to Our customers!

Our main goal always to make Our customer satisfy with Our services. In Our company we do have much operational staff which do have tight responsibility to make sure all operational goes smoothly. Well trained and experienced for over 30 years, Our people are amongst the best in heavy equipment transportation & crane industry. From Our operators to Field Workers, Transport & Lifting Engineers to Our Front Desk Staff, We listen relentlessly to Your needs and start each day with total commitment to achieve the best results in any job We undertake.